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  • CE approved
  • Available for powers from 6 kW to 200 kW
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Javac Automatic Transfer Switch

Explained in a nutshell, an ATS (English for automatic transfer switch) or in Dutch is a mains transfer switch.
This detects incoming voltage from the grid, via a relay.
When the relay opens due to a lack of voltage, one contact automatically closes provided a time relay, the other contactor and starts the generator.
Javac uses 2 switching systems, a motor relay for powers up to 125 KVA and a switching relay for higher powers.
When the generator reaches the desired speed (1500 rpm), the second relay closes and from this moment the generated power of the generator goes to the load (a house, factory, hospital, machines, etc.).
The generator switch is now closed and supplies full voltage from the generator to the user.
When the incoming (mains) voltage is restored, the timer is energized until the current stabilizes, usually taking about 1 minute.
The timer switches off the generator after the connection to the grid has been stable.
The generator usually runs for up to 5 minutes to cool down and then turns itself off.
The transfer switch is then ready for the next power failure.
The Net Takeover is offered in function of the generator, we already have a small ATS for 6 KW 230 volt generators.
As standard we use a 125 AMP motorized ATS switch box for powers up to 75 kVA.
If you purchase an emergency power generator of the Javac brand, the installation costs are included in the cost price, and this for the territory of Belgium and Northern France.
Our cabinets are CE approved and are equipped with a residual current switch.

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