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General description of PTOF light site compressor:

The javac PTOF series of compact, oil-free compressors are available in three different capacities.
They are the ideal compressed air supply for finishing work in construction, especially nail guns, small paint jobs etc.
These silent compressors have a very compact construction, while the ptof-1 has a sturdy handle, the two heaviest compressors are equipped with a sturdy set of wheels.
The control panel is integrated and equipped with a pressure gauge and euro 2 quick couplings. The construction of these compressors is designed for use on sometimes rough construction sites.
The frame protects the sensitive compressor components.
The assembly is covered with an enamel coating which prevents the formation of rust, even when used in the open air.
The service life of these compressors is approximately 1000 operating hours.
By cleaning resolutely for 4-pole 1500 rpm motors, this long service life is guaranteed.
These compressors can also be used in continuous operation.
Maintenance is virtually zero, as the compressors operate without lubricating oil.

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