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With our PM technology that we bring under the model line NANOMAG, where we won first prize at the 2013 fair in Kortrijk as an innovative product, we are still the only supplier of this technology that we bring exclusively and worldwide with an alternator. which does not require an inverter as support.
This makes our machines very reliable and economical.
With this technology we definitively do away with the well-known shortcomings of a conventional generator with non-linear loads, such as welding, construction cranes, shredders, bow thrusters, compressors, etc., the list is too long to mention.
Our latest innovation is that we now offer our alternators in IP 55 (patent).
This makes it possible to use the generator now in humid and dusty environments, without your generator being destroyed by these devastating elements (think of wrecking yards, underslung reefers, screening installations, misting, but also resistant to sandstorms, and offshore installations. our range extends from 6 KW to 60 KW.
Be inspired by our technology and save significantly on logistics, maintenance and fuel costs.
Not only does your company thrive, but so does the environment.

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