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  • ISUZU engines guarantee high reliability and long service life
  • Proven compressor with excellent efficiency and low noise
  • Controller monitors compressor parameters and protects against damage
  • Casing treated with iron phosphate and powder coated
  • Guarantee of at least 10 years against corrosion
  • 100% dry compressed air: aftercooler and water separator are standard
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 More information
 More information

Javac offers stationary diesel screw compressors in a range from 5.2 to 7.5 m³.
Two standard compressors on the market (higher capacity also available on request).
These robust and well-equipped machines are designed to be used in very difficult conditions, including extreme temperatures, dusty environments or even in the event of poor maintenance.

​General features:

The ISUZU engines have a direct influence on the reliability of the machine.
We use over-sized motors that guarantee higher reliability and a long service life.
The engine speed is optimally set based on performance curves resulting in very low fuel consumption.

​Screw compressor
The proven compressor offers high reliability over the entire life of the machine.
The latest generation of screw profiles has excellent properties in terms of efficiency and noise level.

This monitors the coolant, the oil pressure and the temperature of the compressor block.
If the set parameters are exceeded, the machine switches off automatically or switches to standby mode.

It is manufactured in accordance with the regulations in force within the EU.
Special attention is also paid to corrosion. The entire casing is treated with iron phosphate and then provided with a powder coating, which gives a guarantee of at least 10 years against rust formation.

Dry compressed air
An aftercooler and water separators are fitted as standard.
It guarantees you 100% dry compressed air for applications such as sand or ice blasting.

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