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  • 20% – 30% more energy efficient than a carrot fan
  • Absolutely oil-free in the compression chamber
  • Low noise, less than traditional blower
  • High flexibility: different driving modes, higher exhaust pressure, lower pressure pulse
  • Low consumption
  • Only take up a small area
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 More information

A blower uses a pair of helical rotors that mesh together to take air from the inlet end, compress it and discharge it to the outlet end during rotation.
There is no lubricating oil in the compression chamber, the male and female rotor are operated synchronously by the synchronous gear.

Compared with the traditional blower, our oil-free blower has the following performance advantages:

1. low energy consumption
The Blower works on the principle of absolute pressure, the total efficiency can be more than 75%.
You save 20% -30% energy compared to a root fan.

​2. low noise
The pneumatic noise of the screw rotor is very small and the output is stable, which eliminates the sudden release of the internal air.
The wavy inlet and air outlet minimize the fluctuations in the airflow.
The advanced structure design reduces the mechanical noise.
The sound is less of the traditional blazer.

​3. flexibility
Different kinds of driving mode, higher outlet pressure, lower pressure pulse.

​4. low costs
The optimized structure design reduces consumption, ensures the durability of the product and the unit occupies a small area without special infrastructure, to maximize the benefit of the end user.

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