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JAVAC - BASIC Zuigercompressor 1
JAVAC - BASIC Zuigercompressor 2
JAVAC - BASIC Zuigercompressor 1


  • Value-for-money alternative
  • Slow running compressor pump
  • Single-stage version for increased efficiency
  • Industrial B3B5 engines
  • Equipped with safety block
  • Working pressure 8 bar delta 10 bar
  • High efficiency
  • Reasonable noise level
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 More information
 More information

The basic piston compressors are the entry-level model of the Javac piston compressors.
With a standard 2-year warranty, these compressors are the answer for those buyers who are charmed by highly competitive pricing, yet have minimal expectations of quality.
These compressors are only available as a single-stage version, so where high compressed air efficiency is expected, the basic version can be a perfect investment.
Just like the tx version, the basic compressors are equipped with cast iron compressor pumps in V, for perfect cooling, and can be provided with dimensioned pipe connections with cooling fins.
Which in turn form a kind of interbuffer, which makes it possible to start the compressor with less back pressure.
The weight indicates that thick-walled boilers have been chosen, which in itself slows down rust formation in the boiler.
In summary, these basic compressors are a fully-fledged alternative for those looking for affordable quality.
Keep in mind that piston compressors are not designed for continuous use, so you should look out for a scroll or screw compressor.

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