Micro oil injected scroll compressor

  • Execution in stand alone
  • Worldwide the most silent air compressor
  • 20% higher output as piston compressor
  • Only 2 moving parts in airend resulting long service live
  • Heat development in reduced ion compressor
  • Reduce maintence cost
  • Ideal in reach between 7.5 HP & 20 HP

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2.980,00 excl. btw, 3.605,80 incl. btw
3.670,00 excl. btw, 4.440,70 incl. btw
4.340,00 excl. btw, 5.251,40 incl. btw
5.900,00 excl. btw, 7.139,00 incl. btw
7.200,00 excl. btw, 8.712,00 incl. btw

Product description

The standalone, scroll compressor, is like a screw fitted with an oil injector and oil cooler, and is the perfect alternative for the workplace. With a return of + 20% and a low service interval as standard with the new IE 3 engine, it also saves a lot in operational costs. The peace that brings this whisper compressor is a bonus. Available in a range of 7.5 HP to 20 HP implementation. There are both low pressure compressor (8.6 bar) and high-pressure compressors (14 Bar) you notice a high-pressure compressor efficiency is much lower in flow rate. This compressor can be turned into a continuous full employment, but also for workplaces where compressed air demand but 30% or less per work cycle. The compressor is equipped with a PLC controller that ensures the proper functioning and sends an alarm when there is an error occurs. This compressor is to be connected to an external boiler, of at least 200 liter, provided that a flexible. This compressor can also be used for food industry (oil-free) provided double oil particles filter (check documentation)

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