Minimig 200

Only 17 kg (without welding wire)
Particularly nice welding characteristics
230 volts 50 Hz with 40% duty cycle
For welding mig and electrodes
2 T & 4 T for long-term welding
Digital display + IGBT semi-conductors
Synergic regulation of the Amps
Filled or solid welding wire
Stepless adjusting the power
With Binzel coupling
Delivered with Binzel torch MB 15 3 meters

580,00 excl. btw, 701,80 incl. btw


The Minimig 200, (230V) has everything on board what you can expect from a professional welding machine, and yet with a weight of only 17 Kg, equipped with IGBT Panasonic semiconductors. This machine has optimal welding characteristics, and it uses energy sparingly. And has a particularly long life. This machine welds with K-200, and lasts excellently, CUZI³, ALU, Inox, and other non-common alloys, but also almost spatter-free metal compounds, using the OCR technology, can be used up to 9 mm wall thickness. Equipped as standard with a Binzel welding torch MB-15/3. If desired, you can also weld filled wire (without welding gas). The welding wire mechanism is made of a sturdy steel rigid structure. You must insure this unit with 16 AMP tr. In addition to MIG welding, you can also use this device for welding coated electrodes. This machine is also equipped with a selector switch to weld with electrodes, or even TIG welding with striking torch. This device can easily be used for industrial applications


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