KM condensing air dryer

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750,00 excl. btw, 907,50 incl. btw
1.200,00 excl. btw, 1.452,00 incl. btw
1.500,00 excl. btw, 1.815,00 incl. btw
1.800,00 excl. btw, 2.178,00 incl. btw
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2.320,00 excl. btw, 2.807,20 incl. btw
2.560,00 excl. btw, 3.097,60 incl. btw
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6.600,00 excl. btw, 7.986,00 incl. btw
8.000,00 excl. btw, 9.680,00 incl. btw
10.000,00 excl. btw, 12.100,00 incl. btw
13.200,00 excl. btw, 15.972,00 incl. btw
14.800,00 excl. btw, 17.908,00 incl. btw
17.200,00 excl. btw, 20.812,00 incl. btw
18.400,00 excl. btw, 22.264,00 incl. btw
20.800,00 excl. btw, 25.168,00 incl. btw
24.000,00 excl. btw, 29.040,00 incl. btw
26.000,00 excl. btw, 31.460,00 incl. btw
28.000,00 excl. btw, 33.880,00 incl. btw
30.000,00 excl. btw, 36.300,00 incl. btw
36.000,00 excl. btw, 43.560,00 incl. btw
42.000,00 excl. btw, 50.820,00 incl. btw
48.000,00 excl. btw, 58.080,00 incl. btw
60.000,00 excl. btw, 72.600,00 incl. btw


Water is not welcome in compressed air, but where does it come from? Water is part of air and this water is the enemy of every compressed air system. The compressor not only compresses the air, but also the humidity in it and this humidity accumulates in both the compressor, tools and in the air line. The result can be guessed: rust, parts sticking, lubricating oil in your compressed air tools washes away, etc. This becomes quickly a very expensive price tag: production losses, process failures and interruptions in your productivity. This water comes from the air entering the compressor as a harmless vapor. During the compression and post-cooling, however, water droplets are formed which are responsible for the problems. The installation of a compressed air dryer will prevent these expensive ‘diseases’, since virtually all the harmful humidity is removed, only dry air is introduced into the pipeline network so that efficient operation of the installation is ensured with minimal costs.

The Javac air dryer are suitable for drying the compressed air for industrial use. These are machines with direct expansion and dry expansion. The air is to the heat exchanger, where the humidity from the air condenses in the condensation point of 3 C °; the condensate collects in the separator and is an electromagnetic valve automatically taken to the drain point.


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