Astor 200 AC/DC SQW

Low in weight & compact size
Choice between HF and elevator arc
All Ferro and non-ferrous metals
Excellent welding characteristics
Siemens semiconductors on board
PFC technology = high power at 220 V
Pulse and mixed pulse
With 9 welding memories

1.100,00 excl. btw, 1.331,00 incl. btw

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The ASTOR TIG ACDC welding machines, equipped with Siemens semiconductors, origin from Germany, and very affordable priced. This HIGH-TEC machine
can be compared with machines that cost maybe the double. These welding machines
are suitable for welding ALU, (all alloys) Magnesium and brass in AC mode, and mild steel, copper, titanium and stainless steel
In the DC mode. It is important to get the full power out of this machine (200 AMP / 60% ED) with the PFC technology
which makes this machine fully usable on a fusible of 16 AMP, on 230 volt single phase. The control panel of this
TIG machine is complete, with a memory card, pulse and double pulse, as well as a mixed pulse. You can set all parameters on the digital panel,
Pre- and postgas, pulse, upslope, downslope, etc. As standard we equip this machine with a SR 26/8 meter Tig torch in very smooth
silicone rubber coax cable and equipped with the first half meter a leather, protective cover. this is appreciated by the professional welder.
With his full continuous power, can it be used in an industrial environment by intensive welding, up to wall thickness 9 mm in ALU
As a protective gas, 100% Argon is used both in AC and in DC mode

Product specifications

Max. Capacity at 60%

200 Amp


230V bij 50Hz


16 amp tr.

Power TIG

20 – 200 Amp

Power MMA

140 Amp





Idle voltage

56 Volt

Tig torch in box

SR 26/8m

Ignition of arc

HF + lift arc

Pulse range frequency

0.5 – 50 Hz

PFC Technology


Insulation class


Upslope time

0.1 seconds

Down slope time

3 – 10 seconds

Pulse frequency


Protection class



Air cooled





Dimensions (mm)

475 x 200 x 410


14.2 kg

Stock number

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Question: the price of 960 euros is temptingly low in relation to, for example, Kemppi, Lincoln, EWM, what reason I need to believe?
Answer: the list price in Germany is 1425 euros + VAT, but we have booked a large export order of more than 400 machines to Dubai, which means that we have obtained an exceptionally competitive price, and you can also enjoy it temporarily

Question: how long does this promotion last?
Answer: not that much longer

Question: is this German made?
Answer: Javac is a German brand, but these machines are designed for Panasonic welding in Japan, but production is in South Korea

Question: what about the quality of the device and the welding characteristics
Answer: this machine has all the Tig functions on board, has a duty cycle of 60% which is exceptionally high, and it welds perfectly, a professional welder will not find a distinction with machines that cost triple

Question: is the torch included? and how long is the torch?
Answer: comes with a suitable 8-meter torch of the brand Sincosald (Italy)

Question: can I also get this machine in a water-cooled version?
Answer: yes of course then you also need a lorry on which everything can be mounted

Question: can I also equip this machine with a foot pedal
Answer: indeed, this is an option of 360 euros

Question: where can I buy this machine, and is there a technical service after sales?
Answer: through us, but also through a dealer, technical service is insured as well as the spare parts such as all javac machines

Question: to which profiles can I weld in ALU
Answer: in principle up to 9 mm,

Question: can I continuously weld here also in AC?
Answer: As we told you with a duty cycle of 60% at 40 ° C, which means that in Western Europe where the ambient temperature is around 20 ° on average, you can indeed weld continuously at its maximum power of 200 Amp, much more expensive ACDC welders can’t even handle this

Question: I have a 16 Amp fuse; can I use this machine to weld on a 230 V mono
Answer: this machine has PFC technology (power factor control) and due to the excellent quality of the Siemens semiconductors, the COS Phi is very high, which indeed allows you to weld continuously in 230 volts.


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