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  • Multifunctional: MIG, Lifttig and MMA
  • Unique LED color screen for easy setup
  • Double pulse setting allows ALU welding in typical waveform
  • Absolutely spatterless welding on steel
  • For K-200 spools, solid wire drive
  • Can be equipped with torch controls
  • VRD function
  • 2T/4T setting
  • Screen speaks 5 languages ​​including Dutch
  • 18 free memories
  • Fully synergic setting,
  • Freely set all parameters if desired
  • IGBT semiconductors
  • Digital welding parameters control for perfect welds
1,850.00 (2,238.50 incl. BTW)
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 Meer informatie

This device has two different levels of current as its power source.
On the one hand, the constant base current, which maintains the welding arc, with the pulse current over it.
The built-in processor ensures that the drops of additive material melt down, always 1 drop per pulse.
You have a second choice setting with the double pulse setting.
The device will then pulse the welding wire.
The big advantage of pulse welding is that less heat is introduced, which minimizes the deformation of the material.
You will also obtain an optimal penetration, which is expressed in a visually perfect weld seam with good adhesion, you will also notice that the spatter behavior is nil.
The welding itself becomes a lot easier, especially on thin material when welding in an upward or downward position.
Our DP-200 Magster is particularly recommended for welding aluminum.
Welding on Alu plate even below 1 mm, with welding wire of 1.2 is perfectly possible, even for longer weld seams.
This machine is often an alternative to Tig welding with an ACDC, especially because you will be able to weld 4 times faster on average, and especially for less qualified welders.
To achieve an even better result, this device is equipped with a fully synergic setting.
It suffices to enter the parameters in 5 available languages, including Dutch.
The software is written by the Vienna University of Technology, which is a leader in welding applications.
In addition to the synergic setting, the user has the option to set his own parameters.
This program can then be saved for a similar next welding task.
On movies you can see how the single and double pulse works, and what the achieved result is.
In contrast to the market price, this extremely full-fledged double pulse welding machine is very affordable.

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