General description:

The Javac core drills are available in 7 different versions, each with their own typical characteristics, starting with the basic model, but already equipped with a powerful 1700 watt motor.
Furthermore, a very compact version, a version for placing on round workpieces, a version with automatic power supply, and a version with a heavy 36-volt battery.
The drills are brushless models with particularly high power.
There are the electromagnetic core drilling machines, but also the latest PM magnets, which prevent the machine from falling during power failures.
The machines are equipped with overload protection and lock lock.
The bonding strength of our magnets is particularly high with a minimum bonding value of 14500 N to 24500 N.
There are fixed speed machines, with 2 to 4 speeds, and a variable speed version.
The machines are supplied in an impact-resistant plastic housing, or in a heavy metal case for the heavier models.
The manufacturer’s warranty extends over 2 years and covers both the drill and the magnet.

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