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JAVAC - Watergesmeerde schroefcompressor
JAVAC - Watergesmeerde schroefcompressor


  • Water-lubricated screw compressor new technology
  • Total uncontaminated compressed air due to washing machine effect
  • Stainless Ceramic Screw Element
  • Pump tube in bronze
  • Avoids high maintenance costs
  • Easy accessibility
  • Very attractive price range
  • Available until. 132 kW
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Water Lubricated Oil-Free Single Screw Compressor


  • The OV oil-free water-lubricated screw compressor from JAVAC is a design of super High-TEC technology.
  • This provides a breakthrough in both an affordable investment and a significantly cheaper maintenance.
  • The service life or life of this compressor is significantly longer in contrast to the conventional oil-free screw compressors.
  • Maintenance of the conventional oil-free screw compressor is known to be an attack on a company’s cash flow.
  • This water-lubricated (i.e. oil-free) screw compressor is able to supply oil-free, absolutely pure compressed air, coupled with a significantly lower energy cost.
  • This technology has broad market prospects in the petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, textile and other industries where quality oil-free compressed air is of paramount importance.

Unique Design

  • This series of water-lubricated screw compressors is available in a capacity of 22 KW to 132 KW. Our oil-free screw compressors are made of AAA-quality components. The stainless steel screw block is made in Japan (home of single screw technology). The seals, which are an important element when it comes to quality, come from Germany.
  • This Korean manufacturer has made no concessions at all with regard to the quality of the components.
  • The ceramic screw elements are covered with a resin composition, which makes them virtually indestructible when properly lubricated with water.
  • During compressor operation, the lubrication, sealing and cooling of the screw element are all accounted for by “neutralized water”.
  • The result is twofold, on the one hand you obtain real oil-free compressed air, but on the other hand all impurities such as aerosols, fine dust, pollen and general polluted ambient air are captured in its water bath. even impurities smaller than 0.003 ppm.
  • This contamination of the water is completely filtered away in this compressor’s own filtration system, so that real oil-free and high-quality compressed air is obtained.
  • Technical advantages
  • The stainless steel screw element is designed to work optimally resulting in a high volume efficiency and extremely long life, making this compressor by far more durable than the conventional oil-free screw without lubrication (Teflon coating).
  • The starting point of this technology is that rotating machines must be lubricated in order to achieve an acceptable service life.
  • In this philosophy, oil has been replaced by an ingenious system of water cooling, resulting in a super efficient oil-free compressor.
  • By replacing the conventional lubricating oil with water, which takes over the lubrication and cooling process, this results in a much quieter run, with a considerably lower noise discharge.
  • The result is a high quality of 100% oil-free compressed air.
  • The residual water is only contaminated with naturally occurring pollution and can be discharged into the sewer without further environmental requirements.
    The separator and the water softening filters are of the highest quality and are included in the periodic maintenance schedule.
  • A PLC controller ensures automatic control of the water lubrication system and the correct torque of the VSD/PM IE-5 electric motor, resulting in particularly low energy consumption.
  • The screw block is coupled 1 to 1 with the motor, in order to achieve at least 3% energy savings here too.
  • The separator tank and all pipes are made of rust-resistant stainless steel 316 Lsi.
  • The structure of this compressor shows a simple and transparent structure, which in itself guarantees easy access for the maintenance engineer, which in turn reduces intervention to a minimum time, so that production drops are reduced to a minimum.
  • The compressor is delivered ready-made, it is enough to connect this machine to the mains, provide it with a water drain, and connect it to a compressed air dryer.

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