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  • Ideal for installation in trailers, horse carriages, intervention vehicles, etc.
  • Variable speed according to load
  • Yanmar (Japan) water-cooled diesel engines
  • Water cooled pmg alternator with vector cooling
  • Water-cooled inverter
  • Separate ECU speed control system
  • Cooling according to load
  • Super sound muted
  • Available from 5 to 30 KW
  • Instrument panel remote control
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 More information

The Javac JD series of built-in generators are the ideal solution for recreational caravans, intervention vehicles, food trucks, event trailers, LED advertising trailers, railway wagons, etc.
The Japanese water-cooled (except the 5.5 KW) engines are of excellent quality and can be used effortlessly in an application 24/24/7, the radius is only determined by the capacity of the fuel tank and the maintenance schedule.
These generators have an extremely compact construction, are very light in weight, make very little noise, have almost zero vibration and, thanks to the electronic ignition and variable speed, have a very small ecological footprint.
The PMG alternator, a javac exclusivity, does away with the shortcomings of conventional generators for good.
For example, a large LED advertising car will effortlessly display large white areas in a fraction of a second, without causing the generator to bend its knees due to the sudden high peak voltage, same story, for air conditioning systems, refrigeration installations, compressors, welding, hydraulic pumps, etc. and everything else that causes problems with non-linear load.
The generators are equipped with an interactive LCD screen where all parameters that influence the proper functioning of the device are very clearly displayed in real time.
To make the PM alternator extremely stable, it is controlled by inverter, which allows this generator to run the most secure electronic applications, the stability of the output is even better than that of the grid.
This is due to the very pure sine wave. If desired, this generator can also be used as an emergency power generator for server rooms, clinical labs, and as power supply for highly sensitive medical equipment.
The whole of the generator is executed in a galvanized casing, and enamelled in a weather-resistant coating.
This guarantees no rust formation even in very adverse climatic conditions, such as brine on winter roads, or heavy dusty environment on sandy roads.
With its limited dimensions, this generator fits perfectly under the chassis of any ISO class.
For most models, it has been opted to connect the fuel supply with a fuel pump to an external tank, this can be the fuel tank of the vehicle itself, but also an extra fuel tank with red diesel, where this is still permitted.

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