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NT 4

  • High Efficiency Nitrogen Generator
  • Load 6 tires simultaneously at 1 push button bij
  • Different pressures adjustable at 1 session
  • Four different screens
  • Fully automated operation
  • Micro processor conversion system
  • Equipped with LCD screen
  • Memory of last setting
  • Vandal resistant version
  • Full self-diagnosis of operation
  • Required compressor 2000 Lit/minute
  • Suitable for all vehicles
  • Purity 95 – 99%
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The NT-4 is broadly the same as the NT-3, with the difference that 4 bands can be simultaneously filled with each individual reading and entering the necessary parameters.


Voltage 230 V
Ability 80 Watts
Nitrogen purity 99.5%
Max. Compressed air input 15 bar
Tank 500 liter external galva compressed air vessel working pressure of 14 bar
Air requirement 1100 l/m
Output Nitrogen As a rule 2 bar less than the incoming compressed air pressure
nitrogen production 508 litres/minute
Fill hose 4x simultaneous filling
Ambient temperature -20 C°/ 70 c°
Display LED 115 x 54 mm
Dimensions in mm 1310 x 730 x 620
Weight 323 Kg
Application Practically all compressed air filled tires
Operation Interior doors, not suitable for outdoor use

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