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JAVAC - JVC33 Series (1)
JAVAC - JVC33 Series
JAVAC - JVC33 Series (1)


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Product features:

Green energy
High efficiency in online mode (≥96%) reduces heat dissipation and limits power consumption costs.
Efficiency >99% in ECO mode gives significant cost reduction.

High reliability:
Super wide input voltage range -60%~+25%
Robust overload capability.
Dual system control board prevents a single point of failure.
IGBT rectifier advantage with low THDi (<3%)
and high power factor.

Bus synchronization control function provides:
Reliable high power for the dual bus application.
3-level IGBT inverter ensures excellent performance.
Intelligent fan control according to load capacity reduces noise and extends fan life.

Intelligent management
Fault Tracing Management (FTM) for convenient fault analysis (waveform record).
Intelligent battery management system extends battery life.
HMI allows more settings and status display.
Automatic dedusting function.
Main components pre-alarm function.

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