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  • Powers between 500 and 1250 kva
  • The container contains, fuel tank, generator, service cabinet for oil and filters
  • Super Insulated Converted Shipping Containers
  • Different generators can be connected in parallel or synchronously
  • Choice of engines: MTU, Volvo, Doosan, Perkins, Iveco, Cummins, etc.
  • Equipped with various access doors and hatches for maintenance
  • Connections provided in the container
  • Sophisticated heat dissipation and internal exhaust system
  • Container with a weatherproof coating
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Our main design challenges in offering these containerized generators are usability, reliability and functionality for the end user.
That’s why these units are intentionally designed to be easily configurable for the needs of any application, from rental to disaster relief to mining – with a host of standard features, options and value-added personalization.

Our Euro-5 containerized generators are powerful units from -500 kW to 1250 kW packed in 40ft ISO containers.
This allows for greater versatility from a production specification standpoint – we can easily outfit your generators with higher sound attenuation levels, increased storage space, larger fuel tanks or other features to added value required by your application.

Standard and customized features of our range of containerized generators.

  • Our range of containers is delivered on a trailer or as a fitted ground model
    a host stand and optional features, including:
  • Sound attenuation of at least 75 dB (A) audible at 7 meters. Acoustic ratings more
    strict rules can be obtained on request.
  • External supply and return of fuel, oil, coolant to facilitate
    topping up the unit.
  • Four entrance doors – and we can customize the unit with more doors if
    the application requires it.
  • LED interior lighting for easy access and maintenance.
  • Access ladder integrated into the ISO container.
  • External emergency stop button for added safety.
  • 10% overload capability on the rated output power of the unit.
  • Optional sand traps and filters for dusty environments.
  • Ability to tailor ISO containers to your application requirements.
  • Optional distribution of CAMLOCK.
  • Multi-voltage selector optional.
  • Optional battery charger.
  • Optional hot start cooling water heater.
  • RACOR fuel/water separator optional.
  • Additional auxiliary outlets are optional. Optional battery disconnection.
  • And many other options on request.

EURO 5 certified

Our Tier 4 solution is based on advanced combustion technology that naturally produces less particulate matter (PM).
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) converts almost all nitrogen oxides (NOx) to carbon dioxide and water.
Lightweight Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) optimizes combustion temperatures and further reduces NOx emissions.
And a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) removes most of the residual particles from the exhaust.

Achieve higher power output with multi-unit synchronization.

We rely on a configuration with 2 or more synchronized units to get more switching power.
Simply put, double packs are two parallel generators in an ISO container: two 500 kW generators can be paralleled to achieve 1000 kW of power, or two 625 kW generators to achieve 1250 kW.

This dual configuration extends the life of the entire unit by avoiding the effects of a light load.
A generator can be stopped if the group is operating with too low a load.
And depending on the kW requirements for particular applications, dual packs can also provide backup redundancy.

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