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  • Designed to run continuously
  • Small footprint and lightweight
  • Integrated hydraulic compressor cooler
  • No air tank needed
  • Ideal for 1/2” hoses
  • 4 year warranty on the compressor block with a maintenance contract
  • Easy to transport
  • Electric start
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 More information

The Mobile compact thermal screw compressors demonstrate a compact, strategic design.
Integrating all major components on a sturdy, durable frame.
The mobile design offers a net air flow of 2500 liters per minute, in both the petrol and diesel versions.
Because it measures the complete compressor only 1200 x 732 x 778 mm with a weight less than 200 kg.
These mobile screw compressors are ideal for small compartments, installation in trucks.
Or as a handy compressor that can go through a door to perform sandblasting jobs on the move and inside a building.
The heart of mobile 1 & 2 is the compact screw compressor is ideal for this application because it cares.
For constant airflow and pressure, regardless of the time it takes to get the job done. This compressor does not need any.
Compressed air tank. Both engines demonstrate an extremely high reliability, which can be described as strong, reliable, efficient.
These are things people want to hear when planning an investment in a mobile screw compressor.
It is important that you choose the right air compressor and connect it to the right one.
Both petrol and diesel engines are electrically started by a built-in battery, there is also the possibility to start the compressor without a pull cord.
If the battery is unexpectedly empty, use the pull cord starter if no power is available.
The compressed air is stripped of most of the water by an aftercooler, so that it can be connected directly to a sandblasting boiler.
For 100% dry compressed air, we recommend an additional condenser dryer, which you can also find on our site.

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