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  • Compact housing
  • Centrifugal force eliminates 90% of water
  • Automatic purge
  • No power required
  • No wearing parts
  • Cheap solution for air gums & sandblasting
  • Can be mounted directly on compressor
  • Not suitable for sensitive air users (paint guns, CNC, etc.)
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 More information
 More information

Centrifugal forces remove 90% moisture from the compressed air.
This filter is a possible solution, for reciprocating compressors and when looking for a less expensive solution instead of the conventional refrigeration dryers, e.g. for applications in small sandblasting or gum installations.
This is also an affordable alternative to the refrigeration dryer for DIYers who are confronted with “wet” compressed air.
Javac has been marketing this patented centrifugal filter since 2013.
This filter is mounted on the compressor itself.
There are no filters to replace, no power consumption, and has 2 world patents to name.
Convince yourself and watch the demonstration video, you will immediately notice the amazing result.

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