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  • Powerful MAN gas engine
  • Stamford brushless alternator with AVR
  • Deepsea DSE7320 controller
  • Steel base frame with shock absorber
  • High-quality gas pressure regulator
  • Advanced ignition system
  • Air-fuel mixer
  • Stable electronic speed controller
  • Powerful flame arrester
  • Safe explosion-proof system
  • MCCB, radiator fan, exhaust, air filter
  • 2*12V Starter batteries without maintenance
  • Installation accessories, tool kit and manuals
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All the advantages of the Javac biogas generator Set JVC-200GF:
1) Low operating and maintenance costs..
2) Longer machine life: The special design motor has a longer service life with 15000 hours overhaul time.
3) Easy Operation: The Gas Power Generator is easy to operate.
4) The Gas Power Generator adopts the most advanced lean burn technique for high efficiency
5) Main parts such as ECU, gas mixer, pressure regulator, etc. are from USA and Italy.
The engine:
Our Javac biogas generator has the best cost performance, the German MAN biogas engine with high efficiency, low noise, stable operation with prominent features, suitable for farm biogas generation, landfill biogas generation, gas generation, etc.
MAN gas generator, with high power generation efficiency, can be used for biogas generation, CBM power generation, natural gas generation, etc.
MAN has the highest efficiency, high power, lower emissions, low lifetime costs (LCC).
MAN gas engine advantage:
1) The electrical efficiency of the human machine can reach 39%, and more than 32% of the household has a great advantage, high power generation efficiency at the same gas emits more electricity.
2) Online speed can be up to 8300 hours/year, and high online speed means less downtime, less waste methane gas and more power generation.
A high online rate is an important factor to reduce costs.
3) When the gas is pure, or when the gas is treated, a unit overhaul period can reach 50,000 ~ 60,000 hours.
The long overhaul cycle can reduce the frequency of long downtime, less gas wastage and more power generation.
4) Oil change period is longer (900 hours), biogas contains traces of corrosive elements, causes oil pollution, consumption is greater than when using natural gas, oil is a kind of main consumables, takes a certain share of the running costs .
The difference in fuel consumption between different brand units is large.
5) High cost performance, the unit is a large and valuable equipment, which should be more important than a long-term comprehensive evaluation.
Comprehensive cost performance is more important than price.


Model MAN Biogas Generator Set JVC-200GF (200kW)
Nom. power 200kW/250kVA
Standby power 220kW/275kVA
Voltage 400V/230V/50Hz
Rated Speed: 1500 rpm
Rated flow 361A
Power Factor 0.8
Controller Auto PLC controller
Speed ​​controller Electrical control
Firestop Biogas
Biogas consumption 0.6 m³/kW h
Net weight 235 Kg
Dimensions LxWxH 1150x680x750 mm

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