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General description:

De lucht die ons omringt bevat een bepaalde hoeveelheid water in gasvorm.
Picture this as an all-encompassing and slightly damp sponge.
When we squeeze this “sponge”, the collected water drips out.
The same occurs when one produces compressed air.
Unlike air, water is incompressible, which means that the water concentration increases, which is reflected in “water” in the compressed air.
To avoid a multitude of problems in the compressed air system, this moist air must be treated.
Javac has a multitude of solutions for this, from centrifugal filters, over condensation dryers, to absorption dryers, from the simplest application for a DIYer to the most refined absorption dryers for EV, trains and trams.
The how and why is quite easy to explain: air becomes pregnant with water vapor at higher temperatures, and the colder the less water.
This affects the amount of water when the compressed air is created.
Let’s take an example at a working pressure of 7 bar and a flow rate of 12,000 litres/minute at an ambient temperature of 20 °C and at a relative humidity of 80% this leads to a volume of water per hour of 10 liters.
If this amount of water comes into contact with the compressed air user, including sandblasting, machines, control valves, etc., this is guaranteed to lead to malfunctions.
By equipping your compressed air system with a suitable compressed air dryer, you avoid these kinds of problems, which usually lead to heavy costs, loss of time and frustration at work.
Condensation is a permanent threat to operational processes.
At Javac you will find various solutions depending on your application, from simple centrifugal filters to sophisticated 3-way absorption dryers, our various compressed air dryers offer you significant advantages in price and application that you can use specifically for your core activity.
Important criteria for choosing the desired compressed air dryer include the desired degree of drying, the compressed air flow rate, the ambient temperature, and finally the intended quality class.
As a rule, next to the centrifugal filters, the refrigerated dryers and the absorption dryers are the most commonly used techniques in the drying process of compressed air.
Our condenser refrigeration dryers are standard equipped with a pre- and post-filter, which makes them perfect for the widest range of applications, in reciprocating as well as scroll and screw compressors, while our adsorption dryers achieve a wide spectrum of drying degrees and quality classes between -20 °C to – 70°C.
In order to find exactly the right solution for your compressed air application, we place the same high demands on our offers as on our exclusive products: transparent, long-lasting and tailored to the customer’s needs.

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