General description:

Our “EXPORT ONLY” generators, in a range from 40 to 750 kva, are mainly aimed at our export markets outside the EC.
These generators that do not have European homologation, but are built to CE, mainly find their way to the overseas areas, Africa, South America, Near East, and Russia.
The engines are of Chinese manufacture, the result of a technology transferred from the older Deutz engines, robustly built, and meet the basic application.
The alternator is brushless and equipped with an AVR.
We also have the necessary spare parts in stock.
The limited warranty is covered by our workshops.
It will be clear that these generators do not comply with European EU emissions legislation.
These generators are available on order, quantum discounts are still available for full containers.
Contact us for freight rates for overseas territories.
The prices offered are from our workshops in Kalmthout.
For export with 40” HQ containers, we would like to invite you for a discussion about our conditions.

JAVAC - Export Only

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