Compressed air line system

By far the best technology available on the market, and the only system that releases both the piping and the couplings in ALU implementation, there are various systems available, each with its own color code, compressed air, vacuum, water, hydraulics, etc. , the pipes and couplings are resistant to extremely high pressures, (400 bar), which makes this system also usable for hydraulic piping systems, in standard lengths of 4 meters (6 meters in option) you need a new compressed air line, or you need to If you want to expand, or do you want to get rid of those expensive compressed air leaks, then our system is the most versatile, affordable, and absolutely leak-free system that can be installed easily and quickly by you. We also have our own installation service, each job also within the shorter timeframes, the main lines are available depending on the length and the flow rate of your compressor from 20 to 160 mm, with descent pipes to your compressed air. employees

Placement is done with a minimum of tools, the couplings are equipped with a patented click system, glue, screw thread, soldering, is out of time, and often suffers, to expensive compressed air leaks, the extracted smooth, seamless ALU tube guarantees rust and dirt free passages, while the couplings are made without reduction in the diameter of the pipe passages, which excludes pressure drops and compressed air traps, descent lines are drawn without having to drill holes in your main line

This system has an extensive range of attachments and extensions, so that any desired design is possible, you can also connect peripherals such as compressed air hose, safety couplings, oil misters, water discharge, dispensers, etc.

This system optimizes your compressor, and ensures that you get a perfect air quality, we give a guarantee of 20 years on a leak-free operation, of rusting or other annoying problems is absolutely no longer. Working pressure for compressed air applications is 30 bar, and the ambient temperature may fluctuate between -50 C) to 100 C °

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