Starmax Series

Professional mig appliances German top quality
IGBT semiconductors from Siemens, guarantee of quality
4 roller drive for a very sharp and constant arc
MIG – TIG & MMA, so swell suitable for mig welding as with electrode
High setting duration 60% at 40 ° ambient temperature
Both in 230 and 400 volt output ring
Strong wheelbase and wide bottle trolley, equipped with industrial swinging carrier wheels
Clear digital panel with half synergic wire / power setting
Adjust wire speed and power with large potentiometers
Comes complete with accompanying mig torch and earthing cable

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775,00 excl. btw, 937,75 incl. btw
850,00 excl. btw, 1.028,50 incl. btw
975,00 excl. btw, 1.179,75 incl. btw
1.100,00 excl. btw, 1.331,00 incl. btw

Product description

The Javac STARMAX series semi-automatic welding machines are built around the new Nano IGBT semiconductors with the characteristic: beautiful welding characteristics, low-spatter welding behavior, deep penetration of the weld, OCR technology for the rapid ignition of the welding wire. (Point and spot welding) It over sized power makes them employable in continuous work, even at the highest level! A characteristic feature of this technology is that both MIG and MMA welding processes can be used, this choice can be set on the front panel. You can also reverse the machine, which allows you to pamper filled welding wire. The MIG-I² devices are characterized by a high COS PHI, which gives them up to 50% more efficiency than a classic MIG. This results in a significant saving being realized according to consumption

Equipped with an 80 watt 4-roll drive system with 40 mm drive rollers, even allows torches of 5 meters to be used without interference. The machine is equipped as standard with a corresponding welding torch + earth cable. The pressure reducing valve is optional. The machine is easy to set up, thanks to the clearly arranged control panel, among other things, with V + A meter. The main power on / off switch guarantees trouble-free switching. Last but not least, the construction of the machine of a robust whole, with sturdy bottle carriage, large impact-resistant carrying wheels with rubber tread, etc. These German machines are provided with a total warranty of 2 years.


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