SL Serie Generators



The SL series generators with capacity of 15 and 25 KVA are equipped with a Hyundai engine, as a power supply for various machines to fish verve creations, forestry and road building, ships, agriculture, scrap machinery, demonstrations, pumping stations, intensive emergency applications, etc. You will notice that the price quite that bad, but still witness these generators of high reliability, long life, economy, and reduced maintenance costs, noise nuisance is limited to 65 dBA at 7 meters,

The finishing quality testified as the fuel pump, alternator, computer control, sensors, cabling, etc. extensively tested for durability and reliability, which guarantees long life

As an option, these machines are equipped with an electronic ACS (controller) which ensures that if your generator could incur unexpected loss, it will automatically close down the engine to prevent further damage, you get the message from the screen what the reason the span is so you can intervene. As an option to obtain this generator with a netovernameschakelaar, and remote control, contact us for details. The casing allows placing the generator in the open air, the large fuel tank has been developed in steam-free PVC tank. We let you choose whether or not to opt for a maintenance contract, the warranty is 1000 hours or 2 years what occurs first


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