SL Serie Generators

Extremely pricey generators
Built in a beautifully finished canopy
Easy to handle with a forklift or crane
Option ACS controller and remote control
The sturdy housing can withstand a knock on the yard
Standard equipped with various sockets
All outputs fused + differential switch
Maintenance-friendly and economical engines

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3.995,00 excl. btw, 4.833,95 incl. btw
5.500,00 excl. btw, 6.655,00 incl. btw
7.250,00 excl. btw, 8.772,50 incl. btw


Our SL series generators are equipped with a Hyundai OEM engine for the 15 and 25 KVA and with the Isuzu OEM motor for the 40 KVA version, the engines are brought with 4 cylinders, with or without turbo and intercooler. Characteristic is that these engines handle fuel very efficiently even in full power. The housing of the generators is executed in a sturdy steel plate housing, anti-rust treatment: acid bath, zinc coating and weather-resistant powder coating, which means that these machines are kept free of corrosion for a long time. The Stamford alternators are equipped with a good third harmonic, and USA AVR controller. Avoiding problems with sensitive equipment. These machines can be used with proper maintenance in a 24/24/7 continuous runtime. The internal cabling is clearly arranged and runs in cable ducts, each cable is numbered according to the attached diagram, so that an intervention can be carried out quickly and accurately. By default this generator is brought with a clear control panel, on which hour meter, oil pressure and speed can be read.

Option: a Deepsea controller, which monitors the entire generator for any faults that can lead to a breakdown and blocks the generator in safe mode to prevent it from getting worse. You can also build modules such as an ATS mains acquisition GPRS, remote control, etc. Our SL generators are standard delivered with 4 sockets 2 mono and 2 power either, 16; 32 or 62 AMP depending on capacity, these sockets are individually fused, and equipped with a differential switch with main protection. These generators find their application for small building yards, emergency power application, for continuous power supply, or as backup for battery / solar systems. You can subscribe to a maintenance contract without obligation. An extensive stock of spare parts and wearing parts guarantee you optimal service. All documents are included as standard.


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