PMmot 3 Kw 1500 rpm B35 2230/400 IEC 60034

Save up to 30% on energy consumption
Same installation standards
DOL, i.e. without expensive inverter
Very short payback time
Competitive price & high trade-in discount
On request we carry out the conversion
Delivery range from 0.75 to 22 kW
3000 & 1500 rpm
With flange and without flange B3 / B5
NSK ball bearings
2 year warranty regardless of setup


The PMMOT motors with IE5-Plus certificate, are PM motors (permanent magnet) according to a new technology what did solve the problems of the north / south orientation so resulting in the fact that motors can be used in DOL (direct on line) and by this reason do not need an expensive inverter, by replacing your electric motors with this new technology will save you between 10 and 30% on the energy cost, depending on the application of the motors, if multi start / stop movements (high savings) or continuous running (minimum 10 to 15% savings).

The motors are coming in ALU housing with universal foot mounting, the great advantage is that these motors are coming in same B35 housing as the conventional motors, so replacement costs are minimal. We guarantee these motors absolutely the same High quality level or even better as current motor, but with a very short payback time In function of use. Partly due to the absence need of an inverter, these motors are very affordable, ask today and quote to convert your machines, or applications with our new PMMOT motor, and contribute your bit to the warming-up of our planet, and last but not least save your cost of energy


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