Low noise compressor

  • Very solid housing
  • Piston compressor in cast iron
  • Limited speed of pump for long service
  • Brings peace in your workshop
  • Mounted on a 290 litre receiver
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1.750,00 excl. btw, 2.117,50 incl. btw
1.810,00 excl. btw, 2.190,10 incl. btw
2.190,00 excl. btw, 2.649,90 incl. btw
2.300,00 excl. btw, 2.783,00 incl. btw


The low-noise JAVAC compressors are mounted in a steel box which can be opened on two sides which makes the machine easily accessible. The one and two-stage compressor pumps are made of cast iron, and are slow runners, the service life and the quality of the air is highly beneficial. The silent compressor is equipped with a buffer tank of 5 liters and can be connected directly to the compressed air. The cabinet is equipped with a ventilation system that the excess heat quickly and effectively drains.

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