Hybrid generator lipo4 / UPS

Available from 10 to 30 KW
UPS / lipo4 intelligent battery system
Engine of your choice
Limit your fuel consumption drastically
Interesting takeover conditions current generator
Option 1: LED hydraulic rotating light tower 2400 watts
Option 2: day / night camera system with autofocus

Price on request

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Product specifications

When we take a look at a residential building site, they are mostly equipped with a tower crane, usually equipped with HF electric motors; the main engine has a capacity between 7.5 KW and 11 KW. Consulting the data sheet of the supplier of these cranes, mention that a power supply must be supplied from 25 kVA to 40 kVA, in reality this will be a generator of 50 to 75 KVA or even bigger. This generator operates the crane 1 to 2 hours per day, using this genset, providing the yard with a refrigerator, and some electric hand tools, even worse when the yard is equipped with an alarm system and lighting all night. It happens that the generator runs 24/24, this leads to an unlikely waste of material and fuel. The new Hybrid generators equipped with UPS and lithium battery, stop this wastage, the heart of the hybrid is formed by intelligent battery / ups combination, which is installed in an air-conditioned cabinet all year round, even when environment temperature varies between -20 ° C to + 45 ° C. The operation is fully automatic, as soon the tower crane starts, power will immediately come from the battery, and not by the generator itself, the available power comes by the BMS controller of the battery, and the UPS, will determine when and how much energy must come from the generator itself.

The generator will charge the battery during operation (as soon as the ups start the engine) and if necessary continue running until the battery is fully charged for 100%. So you do not have to wait for the generator stops idle running, the power is immediately available, just like your experience from the normal gridd power. You will save up to 90% of your current consumption, as an additional side effect the engine will be in optimized condition, thus avoiding the “loading” of the engine. All this results in a sensible reduction of maintenance costs, less logistical costs, weight and size are comparable to your actual generator. As an option you can equip this hybrid generator with a GPRS alarm system, a 360 ° day / night autofocus camera, and a 2400 watt LED lighting tower on a 7 meter high hydraulic mast.

Extended lifespan of 20 years, provided thorough maintenance Reduced maintenance costs Less repairs, given the generator is very limited in running hours, reducing fuel costs. By purchasing both options, you also avoid reduced logistic costs. Finally, you also contribute to the fight against the warming of our planet if desired; we can propose an attractive take-off offer for your current generator so that you do not have to waste time to enjoy this revolutionary new technology ASAP.

We anticipate that the first hybrid generators will be available for sale in April / May 2018. The generators are a 100% European product, and are assembled in Portugal, and guarantee a high quality product, with a weatherproof housing, deepsea controller, and all electrical components from A-suppliers. We provide a warranty of 2 years on the generator or 1000 running hours as a standard, 10 years on the battery, and 1 year on the UPS.


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