Hybrid generator lipo4 / UPS

Available from 10 to 30 KW
UPS / lipo4 intelligent battery system
Engine of your choice
Limit your fuel consumption drastically
Interesting takeover conditions current generator
Option 1: LED hydraulic rotating light tower 2400 watts
Option 2: day / night camera system with autofocus

Price on request

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Product specifications

The concept of a hybrid generator, just like the electric car, is the only solution to a green future on remoted places, or yards with lack of gridd power. A combination of a lipo4 battery + auxiliary engine supervised by a heavy-duty UPS system. Ensures that energy is stored in a way the energy requirement can be met at any time, independently of grid connection and at any desired location. This hybrid genset have CE, ISO 9001 and VCA ** certificates.
Huge reduction in CO² up to + 90% & saving fuel
The hybrid technology allows your generator to function sporadically in function of the desired power. The result is that the return on investment may already manifest itself after 1 year. A practical test has shown that the CO² emission drops to even more than 90%. For a 37 KVA generator this gives a saving of 540 litres per week in a 24/24/7 commissioning. Possibly more if taking in consideration that a PM / hybrid is the equivalent of a much bigger generator. In addition to the direct saving in fuel, this generator also leads to a much lower maintenance cycle, as the running hours of this generator may fall back by a factor of 90%, by the wisdom that a lipo4 battery have a life spam of over 20 years, and a reduced use of the engine will extend dramatically the lifespan too, resulting in a downpayment of 20 years , compare to other gensets, need to be replaced after 10.000 running hours or aprox 10 years (rental).
The hybrid generators are equipped with UPS (Henkelhausen/Germany) a lipo4 4 battery (Belgium) and an innovative efficient engine from Kohler (USA). They are available in various designs and capacities to be used for events, construction sites, mining, telecom installations, emergency power, rental, etc. This fully European product bears witness to a 100% reliable product, where the necessary attention has been paid to the structure and the components. The UPS + battery is stored in a firewall protected climate room, preventing this high-tech instrument from any weather or environment influences.
In addition to the standard genset power ratings are 13, 18, 24 & 30 kW, there is a choice based on the power of the battery, we only use the lipo4 batteries, reason of their unique characteristics, durability, weight, dimensions, loading cycles, depth loads, and a 10 year warranty. The smallest battery that we offer in the standard configuration has a capacity of 11.4 KWH, 40 Amp (3×400 volt) however we recommended the 24 KWh/80 Amp battery as the best choice. As an option there is a hydraulic light tower with 4 LED lamps of 600 Watt, with tilt / rotator so that the entire yard is illuminated in the place you want, in combination with a nightvision camera, this makes your generator a total solution for the yard or event
In principle, this machine only needs to be started once, the hybrid generator functions fully autonomously, the generator has a GPS system, informing the user automatically with an SMS signal if an intervention has to be carried out by our maintenance team, The deepsea controller has an alarm signal, when maintenance need to be executed (400 running hours). Any irregularity will enable the ACS controller to notify you in time, to add fuel, voltage drops, cooling water, oil level, filters, etc.
If you also equip the generator with a camera surveillance system, you will be able to inspect your yard remotely, and you will be notified at any time in the event of access to the site by unauthorized personnel, after all it is equipped with a non-tamperable track and trace system, should it happen that your generator would be stolen.

The generator is about the size and weight of a conventional generator of its equivalent to a 75-kW generator, with a dry weight of 1750 Kg. The housing is made of a 3 mm strong anodized steel plate, provided with a weather-resistant coating that protects it against rust for years, the bolts are all made of stainless steel, the fuel tank is calculated at an operating radius of 1 week operating, with an average load of 50% The compartment of the UPS / BMS / battery are totally isolated from external influences, from engine and alternator, and placed in an undeformable air-conditioned cabinet that completely shields the UPS and other electronic controls from the harsh environment that can be a yard. We use the Euro 5 Koehler diesel engines exclusively, which live up to their reputation as a generator. The alternator is a patented Javac product (Nanomag PM technology) and has special properties about non-linear loads. This technology is therefore excellent for operating tower cranes, high pressure screw compressors, hydraulic units, direct starting electric motors, etc: No need over-dimensioning the genset. all instruments are collected on an instrument island, including the ACS deepsea controller, UPS screen, the BMS (battery manager system), Led lights and rotator controller and the controller of the surveillance camera, if you opt for both options. The built-in UPS controls both the battery and the generator and, if necessary, can link the generator’s power to the reserves in the battery, increased for a short time with an additional 50% power, which gives an enormous reserve capacity at high starting current peaks. The UPS, coupled with the BMS, ensures that the battery is automatically filled up by the generator within just 2 hours up to 95%, which limits the use of the engine to the essential. The hydraulic light pole (option) has a height of 7 meters, and is resistant to storm weather, is equipped with 2 light groups of 2 x 600-watt LED that can rotate independently of each other at 360 °. A remote control is included so that the user can perfectly position the lamps in the workplace. Finally, the night surveillance camera is equipped with an internet connection, and there is very sharp face recognition, up to 200 around the yard even in the night, equipped with an automatic zoom, gives extreme sharp pictures
If you google “hybrid or green generators” you will notice that the range of hybrid generators is apparently growing, and that is a good thing, but if we then go into detail what exactly is being offered, then this can be divided in 4 different categories, which are grossly short of what we understand as a hybrid generator:
The Cube battery, usually with conventional gel or VGA batteries, with a very limited charging cycle, but even worse with a lifespan of 3 to 5 years, and an enormous weight of 5000 kg. The container version, representing an amateurish composition of generator, inverters, fuel tank, and a battery unit, result large, rude and heavy
The telecom sector, where a linear load of 48 volts is the norm, but also mainly gel batteries here. the hybrid generator with lipo4 batteries have usually a limited capacity, and with conventional alternator which still gives the problem of the shortcomings of a generator
In some cases a PV system is installed, with 5 or more panels of 250 watts (Pieck) which in theory is good for 1 kWh in the peak period (summer) when the sun is highest (2 hours), with a complicated position system to be honest, we are not aware of the added value here, this system does not pay in our regions for 5 to 6 months, not to mention damage on sites due to misguided actions, I also see this only in the rental, or is the intention to calculate rental damage, no totally unnecessary, unless in southern areas where the yield gives more guarantees
As far as we estimate the situation, Javac is the only one that has succeeded in delivering a hybrid generator that has a minimum battery power of 24 kWh, with supporting ups 50 kVA, with peak power of 75 kVA. And this combined with a synchronously controlled 30 kW pm alternator gives you the possibility to start and operate even the heaviest tower cranes, even in third gear, and this with only 30 kW nominal power. Advantages: significantly less consumption (-90%) no pollution of the engine, significantly longer service life, 90% less maintenance costs, less logistical costs, and saves the planet. Javac is also the only provider that offers you a total solution. In addition to a hybrid generator, you can also opt for the light pole and security camera options.


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