Ricardo emergency generators

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Product description

The Javac ECO emergency power generators are a cost-effective alternative, even cheaper than a used generator and perfectly usable as an emergency power configuration, a stationary generator does not need a euro 4 engine, which is why we run our eco generators with a licensed Steyr diesel engine (EURO2) manufactured by Ricardo ( UK) https://ricardo.com is optimized for the application as a generator engine.

The Eco line generators are available from 40 to 250 KVA, as an option you can choose an ACS controller, (Deepsea UK) that guarantees the smooth operation of your generator, and that automatically turns off the machine as soon as a problem arises which would can lead to a machine breakdown, the ACS controller information is fed by numerous sensors, to, water, oil level, voltage, speed, etc., when maintenance of the generator all important parameters are registered, this controller also serves as the basis for an automatic Net takeover, remote control, synchronization, automation, etc.

As standard, these machines are supplied in a sound insulated casing, enamelled in a weather-resistant coating, battery key, oil pump (option) sockets in various capacities, the inside walls are provided with excellent oil-resistant and fire-proof insulation. The casing is equipped to move with forklift, or with the crane. The OEM Stamford alternator guarantees a stabilized output, executed in red electrolytic copper, and optimal insulation for a perfect third harmonic.

You will find the technical description if you click through on the relevant version. The warranty on the generator and its components extends over 2 years or 1,000 operating hours which occurs first. We have a well-equipped workhouse available, equipped with all spare parts & filters in stock and can provide the service at your location or in our workshops. You also have the option to subscribe to a maintenance contract, ask for it, we will send you a copy on simple request.


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