Compressed air hose 50 meters dia 10 mm ultra-smooth

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Product Description

What do you pay the best attention to when purchasing a compressed air hose? Many companies do not stop at the purchase of a compressed air hose, and how important these last meters of compressed air can mean for their expensive compressed air installation … The compressed air hoses are fitted on pre-sorted brass threaded rods either on rolls of 50 meters or fixed lengths of 20 meters of the compressed air coupling of your choice, or all at once in lengths of 18 meters on a handy wire reel with ingenious roll-off and blocking system for mounting on the wall or against the ceiling.

Imagine: you need compressed air in a refrigerated room or in winter conditions, then a reluctant snake quickly arises, which does not let itself lie flat on the work floor, and which becomes very stiff even with rubber hoses, not to mention the reeling and blowing up of the hose after some time of use. With consequent faltering reels and awkward storage and / or manipulation of the hose.

More in paint spray companies, the inside of the compressed air hose is quickly irritated due to the unfiltered oil vapors and impurities in the air, causing the silicone present in just about all compressed air hoses dissolve on the inside, and these are then carried along by the compressed air, resulting in the known and annoying “tears” in the spraying work.

All these problems are solved by making the choice for our hoses and ditto reels made of vulcanised double-walled silicone natural rubber. What does it matter if these are more expensive than other brands and offers? if, in addition to working comfort, you can significantly increase the service life, and JAVAC is certainly happy with a factory guarantee of 10 years on any problem that may occur during the normal use of our hoses

Characteristics: – Extremely resistant to wear – Vulcanised hoses – Oil resistant – Acid-resistant – 30% lighter than the conventional hoses – Stay very smooth between -50 ° C and + 50 ° C – Weld proof – Available in 10 15 and 20 meters, and on a roll of 100 meters – Equipped with coupling pieces in copper or stainless steel – Happy! lie flat on the ground, no loops or kinks – 10 years guarantee – Resistant to 20 bar compressed air pressure – Even resistant to overrun with forklift truck – remains smooth in freezing weather -silicon-free -double vulcanized -10 years manufacturer’s warranty -Acid and oil-resistant -Lass-proof -Skirt resistant -Offer pressure 20 bar


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