Avalon 100 HF

Particularly powerful plasma source
Capacity up to 45 mm in steel
Equipped with torch 8 meter P-80
Affordable wear parts
Duty cycle 100%
Air consumption 180 l / minute 4 bar
Weight only 36 kg
Cuts pretty straight and fast
Particularly low energy consumption
100 Amp 3 x 400 volts
With central connector torche (Binzel)

1.110,00 excl. btw, 1.343,10 incl. btw

The Avalon 100 plasma cutter, with its capacity of 45 mm, is by far the strongest machine in an capacity of 100 AMP
The P-80 HF torch with a length of 6 meters, which comes standard with the Avalon 100 is calculated on the full power of this
Plasma cutter. Also note that the wearing parts for this torch are quite affordable. The resulting cut is straight and does not run forward
Up to a profile thickness of 40 mm. The limited weight makes this machine very suitable for use outdoors
The IGBT power source (Panasonic) limits energy consumption in contrast to plasma cutters with Transformer
The ignition is done by means of an HF ignition. This plasma cutter can be used for cutting all Ferro and non-ferrous materials, such as stainless steel, steel, copper, ALU, etc.
The required compressed air that is converted into an ionizing plasma gas on the one hand and refrigeration gas on the other hand can simply be supplied by
A 3 HP compressor. The compressed air requirement is limited to 250 litres at 4 bar, make sure that you use dried compressed air, without oil particles

Product specifications


3x400V, 50Hz

Maximum capacity

45 mm

Quality cut

35 mm

Norminal capacity 100%

14 KVA

Setting range


Air pressure

5 to 8 bar

Air flow

250 L/min



Suitable for CNC control



25 A tri

Duty cycle

100A (60%), 70A (100%)

Idle voltage

160 V

Power source system


Protection class



EN 50192

Torch included

Yes, tecmo P-80, 6 meter

Air pressure gauge

Exterior 2 pieces

Insulation class




Dimensions (mm)

490 x 240 x 470


28 KG


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