Air hose

remains smooth in freezing weather
double vulcanized
10 year manufacturer’s warranty
Acid and oil resistant
Welding proof
Working pressure 20 bar

98,00 excl. btw, 118,58 incl. btw
186,00 excl. btw, 225,06 incl. btw


Where you can watch the best when buying an air hose?

Many companies do not stand still on the purchase of a compressed air hose, and how important this last meters of compressed-air or can do for their expensive compressed air system … The compressed air hoses are either on the rolls of 50 meters, or fixed lengths of 20 meters, with pre-sorted brass wire ends for assembly purposes of the compressed air coupling of choice, or suddenly in lengths of 18 meters in a convenient wire reel with ingenious unrolling and locking system for mounting on the wall or against the ceiling.

Imagine you need compressed air in a refrigerated room or in winter conditions,
then quickly a recalcitrant hose, which is not unrolled flat leaves are situated on the shop floor, and which is extremely stiff, even in case of rubber hoses, to say nothing of the oprillen and inflate the hose, after some time of use. With due to faltering reels and awkward storage and / or manipulation of the hose.

More in paint spray companies soon becomes irritated the inside of the compressed air hose
by the way not filtered oil vapors and impurities in the air, causing the silicone present in solving almost all the compressed air hoses on the inside, and this then to be carried along by the compressed air, with the consequence, inter alia the well-known and unpleasant “tears” in the spraying work.

All such problems can be solved by making the choice for our hoses and ditto reels, which are made of vulcanized double-walled silicone-free natural. What does it matter if they fall a bit more expensive than other brands and Deals? if you raise the sensitive life besides working comfort, and there is JAVAC certain piece with a factory warranty of 10 years on any problem that may occur during the normal use of our hoses

– Extremely resistant to wear
– Vulcanized hoses
– Oil resistant
– Acid-resistant
– 30% lighter than conventional hoses
– Continuing to very smoothly between -50 ° C and + 50 ° C
– Lasspatbestendig
– Available in 10 15 and 20 meters, and in rolls of 100 m
– Equipped with coupling pieces in copper or stainless steel
– Happy! lie flat on the floor, no loops or kinks
– 10 year warranty
– Resistant to 20 bar air pressure
– resistant even when run over by forklift



Vulcanized hoses, extremely resistant to wear


10mm, 1500L/min


-50C – 50°C




up to 20 bar

Resistant to

Acid, oil, weld …


Equipped with coupling pieces in copper or stainless steel


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