Professional welding machine
Very compact and lightweight
IGTB 4th generation semiconductor
Synergic adjustment (very user-friendly)
High adjustment time 0.8 mm continuously
220 volts 16 amps can be used anywhere
Welding option with electrodes for free
Supplied with welding torch and MMA packaging

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495,00 Excl. Btw
595,00 Excl. Btw


The Topmig 160, (220V) has everything on board what you can expect from a professional welding machine, with the difference that we are talking about a portable half-machine with a weight of only 13.5 Kg, as a power source this machine is equipped with an IGBT semiconductor which guarantees optimal welding characteristics, economical electrical consumption and a particularly long life.

The K-200 (5kg) is used as a welding coil, this device also suffers perfectly, CUZI³, ALU, Inox, and other non-common alloys. Because of its OCR ignition, this device also has a particularly low-spattering behavior, and despite its compact design, this machine is capable of carrying out glands up to 5 mm!

The machine is standard equipped with a 3-meter Binzel compatible welding torch MB-15, you can also torch torches with a length of up to 5 meters, without causing faults in the wire feed.

For enthusiasts, this device is also equipped for welding with gasless wire, and this for outdoor work. The drive mechanism is made of a sturdy steel housing. This device is designed for the discerning DIY employee or for the assembly companies who appreciate it to use a small and handy device on the construction site for, among other things, roller garage companies, emergency services, assembly companies, etc. Be surprised by this affordable HIGH-TECH

The Topmig 200 distinguishes itself from the 160 Amp version, due to its capacity with 200 Amp allowing you to carry out more professional welding tasks, up to wall thickness 6 to 7 mm, with a nice and deep penetration. To allow you to use the full power of 200 Amp, the power block is equipped with a PFC (Power Facto Control) which allows you to use this machine on 16 Amp (tr) stopping. This machine is also equipped with a selector switch to weld with electrodes, and even with a TIG function to perform fine welding with TIG, provided an ironing torch

The central link is provided for the Binzel standard, (90% of European MIG machines use these Euro torches)

The machine is equipped to be welded with 5 kg K-200 spools, making it ideal for use in welding outside the workshop, or for the demanding DIY worker. This device can easily be used for industrial applications


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