1500 rpm Gas generator

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The javac gas generators with capacities between 10 and 25 KVA are equipped with unique engines unlike most gas engines generators converted gasoline or diesel have drafts. However, our engines are designed specifically as an application to function as gas engine (so they are not useful i.a. as gasoline or diesel), so are i.a. the pistons coated with a graphite layer. This gives a higher efficiency, and longer life (gas is a dry medium). By default, these motors are equipped to run on both natural gas and LPG, which certainly is an advantage.As an option you can make the choice to provide an ATS system for an automatic AMF. The big advantage of a gas-fired generator is that no energy must be fitted separately stroopmuitval. If the gas company at odds not provide gas to power cuts, it might be useful to include an LPG tank to provide, because this machine runs on both types of gas, you can convert it provided a simple button from LPG to natural gas or vice versa


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