The Javac CHP installations are available in capacities between 10 and 250 KW, preferably with gas engines (also Biogas) worked as this gives the best balance for the heat production, but also can opted for the classic diesel engines.

The choice of engine will largely determine the cost price, you can choose Perkins, but there are also alternative gas or diesel engines that give a serious price difference, the finish of our CHP plant are always brought with the highest possible heat recovery ie that in addition to the heat exchanger to the cooling water, also have designed an ingenious mantle for.

The capture of the residual heat via the exhaust jacket, our CHP are equipped with the necessary safety circuits to avoid steam and high pressures, the residual heat released from the engine block can be supplied via a fan if desired. All the pipes are made of stainless steel 316 Lsi, and the CHP is delivered ready, it is sufficient to connect the CHP to your network, the generated power can be synchronized on your net

Ask for further information about the thermal and electricticity capabilities you want, then we can make a study of the CHP which is best for you.

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