High pressure compressors

The line LOW PRESSURE constitutes a basis of high level as regards 0-10 BAR pressures up to a maximum of 30 Bar, strictly Oiless, so no oil for lubrication. The materials that make these compressors are technologically advanced, in order to offer great benefits in terms of air flow, reliability and long life of all components assembled to the compressor, minimum maintenance.

– Features: compressors with cast aluminium case; light and compact; unique system of connecting rods for perfect balance; heat treatment of components to extend the life and performance; advanced compression technology, in continuous development; stainless steel valves; tanks painted approved, with handles and wheels for easy transport; reliable electric motors designed and built by specific for each model type; Different combinations of engine and engine capacity, visible in pdf product, easily visible in the download.

And ‘beautiful, practical, is “Oil less” (works without lubrication) and arrives at a maximum pressure of 30 bar! Only with the most advanced technology we have managed to build an oil-free medium pressure, affordable to anyone! The tank is the lightest in its class, all-aluminium!

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